Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monster Page of Halloween Project Links

It's that time of year again.... when leaves turn warm colors, the air gets crisp with a chill, and the nights start to get longer. Halloween is almost upon us! And it's my favorite holiday of the year by far!

Heidi and I have a tradition of transforming our front yard (or her parents front yard) into a haunted cemetary to keep the spirit of Halloween going. We often resort to overpriced crap from Halloween USA but it is more rewarding and effective to make your own props and gags. And there has been one MAJOR resource that we have used over the years to find out how to make creep fences, tombstones, haunted trees etc. And that resource is:

The Monster Page of Halloween Project Links!

This page has been growing over the years and has been hopping from URL to URL, but it seems to have found a perminent home and it's better than ever. It is a simple page of links to HUNDREDS of amazing "do-it-yourself" projects that will bring a lot of joy to trick-or-treaters as well as the creators and Haunt owners.

I encourage browsing this resource and giving one of them a try this year. Trust, me it is addicting! AND rewarding!