Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The DeRidder Haunt 2007

So we geeked out a bit this year for Halloween. Every year we put up some sort of display in front of our house but it is usually a rush job. This year we were inspired early! We made a new tombstone (Sir Edward Poe) and expanded our old creep fence to cover a large portion of the yard. We also added a few new gouls to give it some life! Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.

Unfortunately our house in Royal Oak gets about 5-8 tricker treaters each year, but we are hoping our display will help generate more kids.

And here is an image of Heidi and I as Shaggy and Velma (and Topper as our Scooby Doo!) from the CEA Halloween Party Friday night.

UPDATE: I counted roughly 40 kids that came to our door this year! Might not sound like a lot but when you average about 8 kids a year, this is a nice jump. Hopefully we can keep that trend going :)