Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My AM Mentor is Senior Animator on the new Ghostbusters game!!

Bustin' makes me feel gooood!

I just put two and two together when I was in Q&A and saw my mentors desktop had a ghostbusters logo on it. And I knew he was just hired at a game studio in Texas and I recently found out that the new GB game is being made by Terminal Reality, a game company in Texas! It's top secret but I busted him!

I am stoked about this because I am a huge GB fan and this game looks AMAZING! They are doing everything right including continuing the story from the second movie and bringing back all the actors for voice over including Bill Murray. Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis are even writing the script for the game!

I am extremely jealous of Paul but so happy to know he is involved in a big way with this project. I hope to hear more! I want an internship Paul!

Paul was kind enough to actually give me a few cutscene shots to animate in this game! I got to animate the ghostbusters which was an amazing experience. The game came out June 16th and I am half way through it. Very cool to see my animations in context of the game. Thank you Paul!