Thursday, May 29, 2008

Accepted to FJORG!

Good news! My team of fellow Animation Mentor students (JJ Pastore and Chris Schloemp) have been accepted as one of 16 teams to compete in this years FJORG! competition at SIGGRAPH in LA in August. FJORG! is an iron-chef like competition for character animators where 16 teams of three create a 15-second character animation based off a similar theme in only 36 hours. What makes this competition interesting is the contest creators try very hard to keep you from completing you masterpiece by doing many different distractions. From fire-breathing performances to late night techo rave music.

From what I hear this is a great competition to be a part of and a wonderful way to make connections. Last time I did a competition like this was at KAFI 2002 with Damian and Pete where we and two others spent 5 days and 5 nights in a community college along with 8 other teams to create a 30 second PSA animation. It was a blast, and a wonderful way to work on your team work abilities.

I cant wait to compete and I will share our results on this blog in mid-August. Hopefully we will win!