Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today I saw my first tornado

Well today was quite a day! It was a complete repeat, weather-wise, of yesterday. The same areas that got tornadoes yesterday, had tornadoes today as well. It was another day of supercells marching south to north in a line almost like a storm train. There were a bunch of tornadoes all over western central Kansas and we got to actually see one of them! It was a beautiful rope-like tornado north of Shields Kansas. And I believe it was produced by the same storm that dropped the most amazing wall cloud I have ever seen. That was in Dighton and we actually got pretty close to that one but were still completely safe as the storm moved north and we were east of it.

The wall cloud hung low and rotated very quickly. It felt like it was going to drop a tornado at any moment and I believe I saw a funnel, but I can't be sure. We followed the storm north a bit and then headed east to get out of the way of another storm coming up from the south. When heading east on I-4 I looked back and saw a funnel cloud that was continuing to extend towards the ground. We pulled over and watched it touch down and then reveal itself to be a long snaking tornado that looked amazing. Unfortunately it was a white tornado against white clouds from our view so the contrast wasn't so great and it was about 8 miles away, but we still appreciated it!

We finished our chase again in Hays and are back at the Holiday Inn getting ready for another chase tomorrow. This time we should be heading to Nebraska for sure. Again, check out Bruce's iweb gallery for more pics.