Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AM Class 5 has begun! Short Story Pre-Production

I am back after a 1 term hiatus that was needed in order to focus on a few things that popped up in my life that required all of my attention.

And it's great to be back! I do have some great news... I am going to be a father in July! Heidi and I are super excited and counting down the days. Lucky for me I should be done with AM just in the nick of time as I graduate in June :)

My new mentor is Kenny Roy, who has worked at several studios including ILM. So far I'm really enjoying the class and still trying to come up with some ideas for my short film. I am trying to keep it simple this time and keep it around 30 seconds.

Check in later for more developments. I will post more now that things are back to normal!