Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Every kid needs a good scare!

What happened to animated movies these days?! Everything is warm and fuzzy with far too many pop culture references and bland characters. The only major studio that seems to get it right is Pixar but even they play it safe when it comes to playing with childrens minds.

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in the 80's when Disney (love'em to death) was in a lull and other studios were creating new and different animation that felt odd and trippy.... very anti-Disney. These films left a big impression on me because they had moments that were very creepy and even thought provoking. They scared me and perhaps gave me nightmares but looking back, I am greatful for it! They expanded your imagination, hightened your sense of wonder and showed you that the world isn't only filled with sunshine and lollypops. There is a dark side to life which kids should have a respect for early on. Even old-school Disney had repect for creepyness, just look at Fantasia's A Night on Bald Mountain, the old Skeleton Dance animation, The Old Mill short, and the Pink Elephants on Parade sequence from Dumbo!

Well, thank God for YouTube! I rencently went on a nastalgic binge and found some great clips from these bizare treats which I have organized into a playlist for you to enjoy! Be sure to check out my Trippy Childhood Animation playlist on YouTube to see if you share similar experiences. Or if any of them are new to you... enjoy.

List of wonderful 1980's creepy animation:
-The Mouse and His Child
-The Last Unicorn
-Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
-The Secret of Nimh
-The Sea Prince and the Fire Child

Got any other suggestions on creepy, yet wonderful animation? Please mention them in a comment!