Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Legend of Farmer Jenkins

A 3D animated short film about childhood legends and ghost stories and how they live in the minds of kids. I worked with Mike Tonder who created the backgrounds while I created and animated the characters.

Jenkins has been my little engine that could. It has achieved far more than I thought it would considering it was a student film. Here is a list of a few of Jenkins accomplishments:

Released on DVD as a part of a collection of Horror shorts

Received over 60,000 hits on Halloween 2006 when featured on front page of

Featured on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Featured in film festivals across the country
-Waterfront Film Festival
-Los Angeles Animation festival
-Detroit Metro Shorts Film Festival
-Planet Ant Film Festival
-Eerie Horror Film Festival
-Independent Film Festival of North Texas
-Spooky Movie Film Festival 2006
-Spooky Movie Film Festival 2007
-S.N.O.B. Film Festival
-SEMAFX Film Festival

Featured on the front pages of the following sites (recieved CGTalk award)