Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jenkins gets limited distribution!

My 3D animated short film "The Legend of Farmer Jenkins" will be released in limited distribution on a compelilation disc of horror shorts. This DVD collection features 7 award winning shorts from the highly respected Spooky Movie Film Festival which Jenkins showed in two years in a row.

I am VERY honored to know that Jenkins will be available on DVD along with such amazing work. This is the first of Many Volumes that the Spooky Movie Film Festival people will release under the title "Festival of Horrors". Additionally, I will receive a portion of the profits of this Volumes sales! Click on the cover art image to get a better look.

Once this disc is on the market I will post information on where to purchase it. Jenkins has been my little engine that could. It's been shown in over 10 film festivals across the country, 60,000 hits in one day on, and has it's own page on IMDb. And finally it will be available for purchase in stores!