Monday, October 22, 2007

AM 103 Assignment: Boucning Ball & Excited Stu

This weeks assignment was to do a bouncing ball animation to focus on the bare bones essentials of animation, timing, spacing, and physics. I've done several bouncing ball animations in the past but they still are tricky to get exactly right. To help achieve that, we were told to sketch out our idea, and work out timing on paper first which I found hard to do as well. But I do think it helped lay down a more successful animation sooner.

We were also asked to create another pose with Stu, but this time convey the emotion of "Excitement". After several sketches I chose the one that I felt was most unique, and I like how it is flamboyant, but it could be misread I think. We will see what my mentor thinks. And I'd love to know what you think! If you are reading this and have an opinion, share it with a comment! Thanks!

UPDATE: I've made a change to the pose per my mentors comments. Here is my revision