Sunday, October 14, 2007

AM 102 Assignment: Stu Pose

Here is my first real assignment. The task was to go to a public place to observe peoples poses by doing a number of sketches. Then choose your favorite pose and do a refined 3D pose with the Stu character.

I went to Carribou Coffee in Royal Oak and sketched as many unique poses as I could. Unfortunately, everyone was pretty much either in line to buy coffee or sitting down and reading a book. And since I didnt want to freak people out, I usually sketched people who weren't facing me which was interesting.

The pose I chose was of a girl looking up and talking to a standing person... her pose seemed interesting in that her arms were doing different things and the support of her weight caught my eye. Without the other person in the shot, it looks like a caracter deep in thought which I like too.

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE! My mentor said I should adjust the legs a bit so it looks more natural. Here is my revision: