Monday, February 11, 2008

Mercury Montage

For the past year I had the opportunity to lead a team of CG artists at Armstrong White to create over 40 "photo-realistic" animations for The animations involved everything from 360's to feature animations to technical animations for all five Mercury Vehicles. This adds up to almost 20 minutes worth of animation.

This video is a 2.5 minute montage of that work. All imagery seen here is 100% computer generated. Moving Pixels created the 3D backgrounds while Armstrong White created the camera/car animation and lighting/rendering. Compositing was done by both Moving Pixels and Armstrong White.

Camera and vehicle animation was created by Mike Degg and myself, while Damian Fulmer and Mike Prentice took care of lighting and rendering the vehicles. It all came together in Shake with the help of Bruce Spike and Joseph Brancik. Background models/textures and additional compositing were completed by Moving Pixels in Santa Monica, CA. The Mercury Montage was edited by me.