Thursday, May 22, 2008

St. Louis, MO to Hays, KS

Currently checking out of the Quality Inn where we got a good 5-6 hour sleep, and we are now off to Hays, KS where I believe is a great target for the activity to start this afternoon. The map you see here shows the potential for tornado activity and it is HIGH! 15% hatching is very high, and means there is a 15% chance of a tornado greater than an F2 occurring within 25 miles of any given point in that area. So there will be tornados today... the question is will we see one. Even with odds this good it is unlikely.

For those that think we are nuts, please know that our goal is not to get in front of or underneath a tornadic supercell. Instead we want to appreciate the storm from a safe distance which is what the great plains provides you... 30 miles of visibilty to the horizon. That picture in the previous post was taken by me from 5-10 miles away from the storm where it was SUNNY! So rest asured we are being safe.

Hey, for those that want to see the latest pictures from the chase you can follow Bruce's iweb gallery which he is updating from his iPhone from the road! So if we see a tornado, it will show up there first! And then twitter (mpderidder, or spike1201) and then this blog.