Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jeep Wranler Storm animation

This animation was created as a sample to showcase AW's many abilities. From realistic vehicle movement and rendering, to matte paintings, environment creation and particle simulation. This 23 second piece also shows AW's ability to create a unique look and narrative.

It was a blast working on this and I am very proud of how it turned out. Everyone at AW put their best foot forward and I think it shows.

By the way this project was fueled, creatively, by a trip I took this past May with fellow AW artists Pete Reynolds and Bruce Spike where we spent 4 days in Tornado Alley chasing tornadic supercells. Much of the background imagery from this animation came from the photos we took while on the chase.

CLIENT: Armstrong White
DIRECTOR: Mark DeRidder
CO-DIRECTOR: Jon Parkinson
SOUND DESIGN: Yessian Music
CGI ARTISTS: Dean Armstrong, Rob Burman, Mike Degg, Mark DeRidder, Dennis Fraser, Damian Fulmer, Mike Prentice, Peter Reynolds, Clarence Rice, Kevin Sanderson, Bruce Spike, and Nikki Vassallo