Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michelin Man Road Twist Ad

When I check my stats for this blog I'm always shocked to see how many people got here from a google image search of Michelin Man. Apparently when you search for Michelin Man, an image from this post is a top hit. If you look in the comments you will see I even have people asking me for the 3D model. And of course I cannot give it out because I do not own it.

However, since it seems to be a popular item on my blog, I figured I would post our latest Michelin Man ad that we did a little while back. I posed Bib (Bibendum is his official name) to appear as if he is wringing our the moisture in a road surface which required a modeled road, particle effects and a matte painting to bring all together. The Art Director wanted to show different types of weather conditions, hence the dry/wet, sun/cloud mix in the image.

MATTE PAINTING/RETOUCHING: Dean Armstrong/Matt Sommerfield
EFFECTS: Dennis Fraser