Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Working on Ghostbusters: The Video Game!

Now if you've been following this blog, then you might know that my first mentor from Animation Mentor, Paul Allen, is working on Ghostbusters: The Video Game which I blogged about with much excitement. I am a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and am geeked about this new game as it is being written as a sequel to the movies by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis who wrote the first two movies. Additionally all the main actors are back to reprise their role (with their voices) including Bill Murray. This game has the look and feel of the first movie and is a continuation of the story. It is sure to be a hit with fans and gamers alike.


I am happy to say that I was lucky enough to score a little contract work on the project and have been assigned several shots for the cinematic cut scenes!! Being able to participate in anyway on this project is a major honor for me and to be able to provide character animation to characters I know and love is a dream come true! How much I end up contributing is up in the air and dependent on how much time I can give, but so far i've been given some Egon shots which is fun!

Look for the game in October on Xbox 360, and PS3!